Extend The Life of Your Asphalt Investment

Your asphalt deserves the best protection available. RP Paving Solutions offers commercial asphalt sealcoating services that guarantee your pavement is protected from rain, oil, or anything else that might cause damage. Asphalt paving and sealcoating can leave your parking looking brand new. Here’s what our commercial sealcoating services will do for you:

  • Secure the area to be replaced or repaired using barricades and cones
  • Treat all areas affected by oil to help ensure proper adhesion
  • Clean the area to be sealed with blowers and brooms ridding parking lot of dirt and vegetation
  • Spray or squeegee the lot with a minimum of two coats of liquid coal tar or asphalt emulsion based sealcoat
  • The area will remain blocked and secure until the material dries.
  • We will complete sealcoating and striping to ensure all parking lot markers are repainted
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