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RP Paving Solutions, one of Atlanta’s top asphalt paving and repair companies, will help you roll out the red carpet and make a great first impression.As a reliable commercial paving company you can trust, we stand by our work and deliver quality projects. We understand the demands on property managers and business owners, so we work hard help you maintain safety and aesthetics in your parking lots and paved areas while making sure every job site is left cleaner than we found it.



RP Paving Solutions offers our clients excellence in commercial asphalt paving solutions. Our mission is to perform at the highest level of quality service for our customers with fair market competitive prices. We believe this will establish long-lasting customer relationships for years to come.

Our 5-Star team

At RP Paving Solutions, we take pride in providing our customers with the most cost-effective professional parking lots, walkways, playgrounds and more. And we want you to rate our service with five stars every time. Therefore, our team is comprised of only the most highly-trained pavement specialists to promptly ensure that your paving looks great while fulfilling accessibility compliance, traffic safety, and parking organization.

Our team members have a combined total of 75 years in asphalt paving and maintenance. This expertise guarantees our customers five-star service on their projects from start to finish!

RP Paving Solutions’ devoted office staff are dedicated to answering all calls and emails promptly and courteously, assure that your project comes in at the top of our list. From the time we receive your phone call, proposals are typically delivered within 48 hours.

If you are looking for a professional Metro Atlanta paving company to meet all of your asphalt maintenance needs, RP Paving Solutions is your one-stop project coordinator to provide you with five-star service from start to finish.


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Sales Division / Project Manager

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Letter from Ryan

July 2, 2018

In 1998 when I left my full-time job to start a company that I had previously only done on weekends, it was certainly a shock and a struggle in the beginning. However, over the past twenty years, we have grown substantially and are now a top paving company in the Metro Atlanta area, employing over 30 people. RP Paving has certainly come a long way from the beginning with just a small truck and a striping machine for weekends! We now have two full time sealcoating crews, two paving crews, a concrete crew and a thermoplastic crew! We provide everything from re-striping to sign installation to thermoplastic striping to full service concrete and paving services.

At RP Paving Solutions, we offer far more than just project management. Our mission is to provide five-star service to every customer, regardless of the size of the project. We offer a one stop shop for everything that you need from the start to completion of your project. All of us here at RP Paving work closely with each and every customer to make sure that every detail is 100% perfect at the completion of every project.

The RP Paving team is made up of some of the best in the asphalt maintenance business, with over 75 years of experience! We provide our customers a detailed, quality product, that stands out and makes a great first impression for their customers, clients and tenants. We are excited for the opportunity to work with every customer on their upcoming projects, and it is our hope that based on our work ethic and quality of the jobs we perform, that word of mouth will continue to be one of our biggest assets.

RP Paving Solutions is committed to continuing to provide quality work and we are excited for the opportunity to work with both repeat and new customers. It is our hope that you will give us the opportunity to earn your business!


Ryan Dutton

Ryan Dutton
RP Paving Solutions, LLC

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