Q: What is hot mix asphalt?

A: Hot mix pavement is also known as blacktop or asphalt pavement.  Asphalt is an engineered mixture of aggregates.  There are two basic ingredients in hot mix asphalt: the first is the aggregates (crushed stone, gravel and sand), and the second is asphalt cement (AC, the black liquid that holds the pavement together.)  Mix the two ingredients and you get hot mix asphalt.

Q: What are patching/sawcut repairs?

A: Asphalt patching procedures will provide a suitable fix to most asphalt related issues.  Full-depth patching involves the removal of the entire layer of pavement surface down to or including the subbase, depending on the condition of the stone base.  New subbase is then installed, a tack coat is applied, and new asphalt pavement is backfilled into the patch area.  If the base is stable and area is damaged, we cut down to approximately 2” of the existing asphalt and install new asphalt.

Q: My parking lot has a lot of cracks. Will you crack seal these?

A: As part of the production process, we will use a hot pour crack seal to fill significant cracks. We define significant as cracks of roughly ¼”to ½” wide. You will still see the sealed cracks through the sealcoat. If the asphalt has extensive ‘alligatoring’, your parking lot might be a candidate for asphalt paving repairs, patching, and/or overlay.

Q: What is an overlay?

A: An overlay is the resurfacing of existing pavement.  Existing asphalt pavements can be overlaid with hot mix asphalt with excellent results.  Before paving, existing pavement should be checked for any repairs needed, cleaned of all loose debris, and tacked for successful adhesion.

Q: At what temperatures should sealcoat be applied?

A: The temperature in your area must be at least F 50º and rising weather conditions for a 24-hour period to apply sealcoat.

Q: How often should I sealcoat my property?

A: Here in Atlanta we have typically mild weather. What this generally means is that a property should be sealcoated every 3 or 4 years, or when it starts to look ‘dry’ and/or oxidized (when the asphalt is a gray color.)

Q: What will the finished product look like?

A: Sealcoating gives your property a uniformly black color that many people find very attractive. When you examine the surface, however, you will still be able to see areas that have been crack filled or patched due to the different texture of the asphalt.

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